What Makes A Cast Look Cool?

23 Feb

LegsOrthopedic casts haven’t changed much in 50 years, until now. Engineering student Jake Evill of New Zealand has designed the Cortex cast, a brace made from 3-D printing. While all casts could effectively be described as exoskeletons, the Cortex looks like one. Its lattice structure allows for ventilation, which Evill advertises as its greatest asset. The Cortex is still at its conceptual stage, but, as with almost all new technology, reviews in the media have been pulsing with excitement.

The problems of plaster and fiberglass casts are well known to anyone who’s had to wear one. They’re fairly heavy and very bulky. Worst of all, they make your skin itch like the dickens and you are forbidden from using any implements to scratch because the smallest cut can become badly infected in the dark, suffocating conditions damp with sweat and dead skin. I had to wear casts on both legs after two tendon surgeries and once after having Ilizarov fixators removed. The itching alone was bad enough to make me wish I had the fixators back on.

Anything that claims to be lighter and breathable is a very attractive proposition. But while the Cortex website boasts that the cast is waterproof and therefore perfect for bathing and swimming, this probably means that there is no cloth involved. The cloth lining between a traditional cast and your skin contributes to the itching, but it’s there to prevent abrasion. Watchmakers, jewelers and BDSM professionals all know that any material other than cloth or leather can pose serious risks to human skin.

And the claims that the innovative appearance of the new cast is stylish? What exactly makes a cast stylish? While I could see goths maybe being partial to the Cortex if they could order it in black, reviewers seem to be fawning over the look of it simply because it’s new. And the promotional photo for the Cortex features a well-toned, scarless, unbruised arm that looks a bit too healthy to contain a broken bone.  (I half-expect the owner of the model’s fist to be shouting, “BY THE POWER OF CORTEX!”) 

Style is all about what you do with what you’ve got.  Fiberglass casts come in assorted colors. I had hot pink ones while performing in a school play and ended up enhancing one dream-like scene lit only by ultra-violet light. When I had neon green casts, friends painted my toenails to match. And the good old tradition of letting your loved ones cover your limbs in graffiti is worth mentioning. A friend who is a professional painter adorned the bottoms of my feet with elaborate sunflowers.

Then again, some casts do not conceal only injuries. A young friend of mine once stuck a chunk of steak down her cast in order to get out of having to eat it before dessert. She managed to retrieve only part of it after dinner – the rest tore away and remained lodged deep in the plaster caverns enveloping her arm. Her parents remained unaware for days until the entire house began to reek of rancid meat. With the new cast design, families with deceptive children need not fear such hazards.  The Cortex offers not only porousness but transparency!




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